The DI Drinking Game:

Don Quixote References* in Distasteful Inelegance

The rules of the game: take a shot for every reference (no matter how hidden and oblique) to Cervantes.
Clearly, Pablo had been playing
DI drinking game when
he penned this line drawing.

Here's an example.
Link Hive #2 - Pearl Jam vs. Tickemaster

But wait, there's more.  Now you can play the meta version of the DI Drinking Game.  If you can find other references from the blog to all matters quixotic not listed above, leave a comment with your citation.  The player with the most citations will win an autographed copy of either my upcoming book based on DI posts (all bloggers get book deals at some point, right?), or a item from the Mystery Grab Bag of Death and/or Awesomeness.  Winner chooses.
What lurks inside the Grab Bag of Death and/or Awesomeness?  Will it be awesome or deadly?  Or Both?

*This is really an inside joke about the new series "Newsroom" on HBO, that got started on NPR's awesome podcast "Pop Culture Happy Hour"

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