June 26, 2012

Link Hive #2, or A Lighthearted Post to Remind Us to Enjoy Living

Gather round for another installment of the Link Hive where we stop for a minute, turn off the outrage generator, and enjoy a sampling of the awesomeness that the world has to offer.  Besides, this blog's editor needs something more to do than just correct typos...
(get it?)
[We are working on creating a special graphic for the Link Hive, but we welcome submissions from the audience. -ed.]


The music section on the Recommended page needs filling, so here's a recap of the stroll down memory lane that I went on last Friday on my Google+ feed.  (By the way, go here to encircle me.  What? You're not on G+?  Then stop complaining about how much you hate Facebook.)

The free song of the day on Magnifier last Friday was "Don't You Want Me" by The Human League, so naturally I couldn't resist indulging in some bad 80's synth-pop nostalgia.  Now, this is not a good song, but if you heard it played enough times over the PA at your local ice rink during the endless hours of skating you did between the ages of 3 and 12, then you might have been brainwashed into having something like fond memories of this song.  (Unfortunately, I have a horror show of lousy pop music associated with the joyful memories of my youth spent in the rink.  Oh well.)

If I had to do it over again with the benefit of hindsight, the soundtrack to my youth would have been full of The ReplacementsHusker DuMinutemen, and Bad Brains.  Although, thanks to our local cable system being a early MTV adopter, I was exposed to Run DMC as a five-year-old.  So that was cool.  In fact, after seeing the video for "Walk This Way" I made my mom buy me some white low-top adidas sneakers, so that I could take the laces out.  This proved rather foolish when I tried to run in them on the playground at recess.  Being the hippest kid in Kindergarten had its downsides.


Flipboard for Android - this beautifully rendered, magazine-style feed aggregation app is all you need to keep up with news, Twitter, FB, G+, et. al.  You can customize what you see with your Google Reader's RSS feed.  It integrates brilliantly with the above social networks plus many more, and it will work with your favorite "read-it-later" services, like Instapaper.  Flipboard has been all the rage on iOS for some time, now the 99%* can enjoy it too.

*[We're just kidding about the iPhone/iPad crowd being wealthy elitists.  We've been known to be a bit snobby ourselves, but Apple is too restrictive for our likes. -ed.]

Louis C.K. is going on tour.  So?  So, he is selling tickets directly to his fans via his website bypassing the ridiculous markup that Ticketmaster charges.  As promised, this Link Hive is all about the happy, so there will be no rant about why Live Nation and Ticketmaster (or, should we say Ticket-bastard?) are doing the Devil's work.  That will just make us angry, and a little sad as we remember when a piece of our idealism died when Pearl Jam lost (actually, they just gave up when no one else joined the cause) their Quixotic war against Ticketmaster.

MIT Technology Review - extremely smart people writing about the latest in science and technology.  For free.  Go add it to your Flipboard feed now.  They even write in a tone and style that is relatively accessible to the layman.  At least I assume it's accessible...

Science in a bullet list

That's all for this edition of Link Hive.  Ciao.

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