July 6, 2012

Link Hive #3, or Good Housekeeping Is a Constant Battle

Brace yourself, it's time for another installment of the Link Hive...

(get it?)

...but first a little housekeeping.  As we noted earlier this week, this little blog has surpassed the 1000 pageview milestone.  Thanks to everyone again for visiting.  Now that there is something like an audience, it seems prudent to announce there will be some changes to design of this site.  Up to now, I've been using one of the canned dynamic templates that Blogger provides.  It is cleaner and definitely looks a lot better than the typical vertical scroll layout that is the hallmark of blogging.  I'll be rolling out something new in the next few weeks.  I know this is probably a futile request, but leave a comment if you have an opinion about the new or old design.

Now onto the links:

It's a podcast.  No, it's a video.  You're both right.

TWiT (This Week in Technology) - if you are interested in the latest personal technology, but can't stomach the countless hours of reading geeky-fanboy gadget blogs, then TWiT has what you need.  Leo Laporte moderates a weekly panel dissecting the latest news from the world of tech in his entertaining, irreverent, every-man style.  TWiT has blossomed to include an entire network of technology focused shows.  I recommend the original, TWiT, and This Week in Google, which is a good review of internet and cloud-based services.

For the science and nature minded:


Evidence indicating that the Higgs boson does exist may (or may not?) have finally been found at the Large Hadron Collider experiment.  Why is this cool, you ask?  The Higgs boson is the fundamental particle of mass in the universe, and tends to confirm the Standard Model of the Univer...HEY! Stop snoring!  Fine.  Moving on.

Neutron detectors at the South Pole could potentially predict solar storms...ok, ok I'll leave the quantum physics stories alone for now.  It's Friday.  Enjoy your weekend.

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