June 1, 2012

Art Imitates Life, or Lorne Michaels and Emily Spivey, Please Stop Spying on Our Lives

Most of you have not seen the TV series "Up All Night" airing on NBC.  I know this because only 3.11 million people in the United States watched the last episode of season one.  Thankfully, that is but a tiny fraction of the population.  Thankfully?

Yes, thankfully, because show creator Emily Spivey - shown here flying coach - and Series Executive Producer, Lorne Michaels - never flies coach - have been appropriating the minutiae of my family's lives to script the show.

Emily Spivey
Lorne Michaels

You may ask, "Huh?  That's funny.  What's the show about?"  Well, I'm not going to tell you.  I'm a private person, and so are my kin.  The mystery will just have to go unsolved...unless you can work the interweby machine to conjure up the magic moving pictures on Hulu...or own a TV.  Good thing both are unlikely.  All I will say is this: thirty-something ex-hipster professionals living in SoCal, new baby, beer league hockey, rapier-like wit, hijinx.  The only thing to quibble with is the casting of C. Applegate.  The real person is way hotter.  Lorne, Emily, if you don't start sending royalty checks soon, you'll be hearing from my attorney.  (You got my head-shot, right?)

Seriously, this show is so specific to a certain type of mid-to-late GenXer sensibility that I am shocked to see it got picked up for another 13 eps.  There is no way I would have given this show the time of day two years ago.  If it didn't connect the dots of my life so perfectly, I would utterly scorn a show that crawls so far up it's own ass to tickle it's own funny bone.  But when it's MY ass, I must say, "hee, hee, that tickles!  Keep doing it!"

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