June 13, 2012

Link Hive #1, or Editing Is Easier Than Creating Original Content

(The first in an occasional series of curated links.  The name of this series was intentionally designed to twist your tongue.  Now who says this post is content free?)
Contain your excitement, it's a Link Hive!
Let's see what's in the 'ol link hive this week...

Volume #1

From the blogodome - blogs that are worth your time
  • Fare and Fowl - These are the political essays of Leonard "Red" Balaban.  I highly recommend checking out his well reasoned and insightful essays.
  • Lifehacker - Hopefully, dear reader, you have already discovered the cornucopia of awesomeness that is Lifehacker.  If not, go there now and learn how to do more with less.
Interesting articles
  • "Don't Feed the Trolls" from Stubornella - Nicole Sullivan's talk from the 2012 O'Rielly Fluent conference explaining why you should just ignore flame bait and concentrate on the more reasonable comments/posts/tweets.  It will make for better online relationships and communities.  The primo soundbite: "If you respond only to ass-hats, your life will soon be full of ass-hats."  This lesson is largely ignored in the real world, too.  I'm looking at you, Congress.
  • From MIT's Technology Review - "A Peek Behind China's 'Great Firewall'" Finding out that the main purpose of all the internet censorship by the ruling party is to preempt "collective action."  Underscoring for the umpteenth time why you should donate to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  • From Science magazine: Hubble shows imminent (in only a few billion years, time is running out!) collision between our Milky Way galaxy and its two nearest neighbors, Andromeda and Triangulum.
Hydrogen bridge? Smells more like methane to me.
Naked Self Promotion - posts you may have missed because our posting schedule is haphazard at best...

That's all for now.  Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of...LINK HIVE!

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