June 15, 2012

A Frivolous Friday, or Random Issuance from a Sleep-deprived Mind

It's Friday, so the combination of late night Beer League Hockey games, infant care, and general world-weariness has piled up making coherent thought a struggle.  So, here's a stream of consciousness...

Have been seeing some interesting debate around the size of the national debt and under which presidents' administrations it grew the most.  There is a lot of specious data flying around, but the NYT has a pretty good digest of the numbers based on actual data from the Department of Treasury et.al.  The aggregate message is clear, but I question whether they adjust the figures into present dollars.  Then, there is the problem of adjusting the figures to a per GDP basis.  Anyway, setting those quibbles aside, guess who contributed the most to the debt?

Check out The Colbert Report from 6/12 for a hilarious send-up of Romney's equine predilections.  Jodhpurs are mentioned.  Stephen also petitions to takeover Sweden's Twitter account.

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