September 24, 2012

Can You Believe What Was Said...Yawn, or Last Ever Post About Mitt Romney

Bye Mitt, we will miss the daily bounty that you
brought this little blog.
We were looking for interesting topics to post about the election last night, when 60 Minutes came up in conversation.  So, we watched the interviews with the Presidential candidates and were about to fire off a post about another Romney flip-flop...but we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it.  [Here is the story in The Atlantic about this specific flip-flop on healthcare, if you are still interested. -ed.]  It just feels mean to pile on at this point.  It's unseemly.  Like mocking the handicapped.

So, dear reader, this will be the last time we mention old Mitt on this little blog.  We will no longer point out how he only knows how to fundraise but not campaign...or govern, is amazingly clueless about how the rest of us live, may actually be a mean-spirited person, and is hopelessly outclassed in this election.

But, before we retire the metaphoric Romney dartboard, we will remind all of you to go read this post, this post, and this post to recall why it is a very bad idea to vote for the guy.

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