September 13, 2012

Why No One Should Want Romney to Win, or an Appeal to Reason

We touched on this in Monday's post, but perhaps we buried the lede a bit.  So, we will revisit this topic today and layout the reasoning why any freedom-loving, red-blooded American should not vote for Mitt Romney.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but a Romney win means the U. S. of A. is no longer a democracy.

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This is not an argument for or against anyone's particular policies.  We may make a lot of hay on this blog with criticism of Mitt Romney's and Paul Ryan's beliefs and policies.  We have our reasons for doing so, but we can also accept that other people perceive the world differently that we do, and may come to different conclusions about what is the best way to address some of the Really Big Problems that we face together as Americans.  We think we have weighed the available evidence and drawn the best reasoned conclusions, but we also know in the backs of our minds that the Really Big Problems are incredibly complex and may not be solvable with only one particular type of policy proscription.  That isn't why you shouldn't vote for Mitt Romney, though.

This is not an argument about which candidate is more likable, more in touch with the Middle Class, or any of the myriad qualities cited in of your favorite Presidential horse-race stories in the news these days.  We think we know which party's rhetoric matches up best with the true historic values of this country.  We think we know which guy says things that resonate with most people.  We also think there are legitimate reasons to like and dislike both candidates and it is up to each voter to decide that on his or her own.  But, that isn't why you shouldn't vote for Mitt Romney, either.

This is not even an argument about which guy will do better creating jobs, saving the global economy, leading the Free World, or any of the other things that people say they want their President to do.  We know full well that the President of the United States gets credit and blame for things that are outside of his control.  We also know that for the most part the power that the President wields is symbolic, and is often at the mercy of a dysfunctional Congress.  Though we are greatly concerned about the consequences of a Romney Administration combined with a Tea-Bagger-infested House of Representatives, we know there is always the Senate to put the breaks on most any radical agenda.  So, we don't believe the predictions of impending doom shouted by paranoid partisans on both sides, and can accept that a Romney presidency wouldn't really be that different than the last few years.  But, that also isn't why you shouldn't vote for Mitt Romney.

This is a simple appeal to your sense of citizenship, responsibility, and patriotism.  Anyone who believes in the core values of freedom and democracy should be worried about the current shape of the campaign.

Now anyone with any sense knows that there is very little difference between the two campaigns on a strategic level, but the major distinction is the extent of the support and fundraising being done by super-PACs.  Yes, the Democrats have their own attack dogs that produce misleading ads that impugn the Republicans.  The difference, though, is one of scale.  Outside groups backing Romney are making a concerted effort to usurp this election.  Go see this article from Reuters if you are unconvinced and need further evidence.  Republicans will be forever linked to the entire genesis of the super-PAC, and they have cast their lot with the scorched earth politics that have resulted.  We seriously doubt anyone would seriously argue that point, and we question your grasp on reality if you do.

In the coming weeks the super-PACs that support Republican causes are going to open their massive war chests and bombard every poor voter in a swing state with messaging in an attempt to turn the tide of this election in Romney's favor.  A win for Romney will legitimize this type of vote purchasing strategy.  No matter whom you support, you should be concerned if the super-PACs buy the election.  If it can happen this time, there is no stopping it from happening another time.  Then we will forever be at the mercy of whichever cabal of moneyed gentlemen decide to spend enough to buy the government.

We will assume that you, dear reader, are intelligent enough to understand the implications of polling trends and prediction models.  (Go here for some knowledge for your head, in case you haven't seen the latest poll data and predictive models.)  The fact is the preponderance of evidence shows that a win for Obama is nearly inevitable.  The will of the people is to give the President - flawed though he may be - four more years in office.

This is why you should not vote for Mitt Romney.  A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for disenfranchisement. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for the wholesale purchase of an election.  A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for plutocracy.  A vote for Mitt Romney ignores the Will of the People.

Conservatives are fond of crying for us to take-back democracy.  Here's a chance to take action.  Send a message to all super-PACs, to all anonymous donors, to all unlimited campaign spending.  Reject the super-PAC strategy.

Don't vote for Romney.

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