September 18, 2012

Cue Mr. Kanye West, or Even MORE Reason to Reject Romney

Romney: "Ok, America bend over and grit your teeth."

As you, dear reader, have now heard widely reported Mitt Romney said some truly ignorant, insensitive, and downright ghastly things about half (ok, just 47%) of the people in this country.  In case you missed the coverage here is a link to the original story in Mother Jones.  (MJ definitely has a slant, but we consider them to have Good Journalistic Integrity.  We can also infer from the non-denial denials - he actually used the phrase "not elegantly stated", how would you state that elegantly? - coming out of Team Romney, that you can be sure he actually said every word of it.)

We here at Distasteful Inelegance have been making the case that Mitt is a less than ideal choice for President of the United States.  We've been saying that while Mitt probably isn't a bad guy, and his administration probably wouldn't ruin the country, he really doesn't have the country's best interests in mind, and there are better choices for President.

We'd like to amend our position on Mitt.  We now think our worst fears about the real Mitt Romney may have been confirmed by this report.  Some of you out there have claimed that Mitt is a privileged whiner, that has open enmity for the 99%.  We are beginning to think that may be true, and now cannot give him the benefit of the doubt.  That combined with the dangerous encroachment on your democratic rights represented by his campaign's use of the twin strategies of voter suppression and unlimited super-PAC money have made us call for no one to cast a vote for him.

In light of this most recent revelation, we once again call for anyone and everyone to either abstain, or vote for anyone other than Mitt Romney.

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