September 4, 2012

Imitation and Flattery; or Stop Ripping Me Off, Stewart

Whether it's the old saw that great minds think alike or the writers for Jon Stewart's magnum opus have been reading this blog for ideas, the final show that the Daily Show did from Tampa "stole" several of the ideas we've been putting forth on this little blog.  Specifically:

1. Running the country as a for profit business

2.Why there is no party for most of us

3. Why the Republicans are so afraid of Obama, their stawman arguments, and especially the inscrutable Clint Eastwood performance.   [See also: A comment that your intrepid blogger made on this NPR story.  We'll save you the tedium of wading through the pages of comments and reprint it here: "The Clint Eastwood speech was symbolic of the entire RNC: a bunch of old white men making up "facts" about a guy that doesn't exist. The irony is assuredly lost on them, but I thought it was perfect." -ed.]

We make the accusation of intellectual thievery mostly in jest.  It's not like our lazy skepticism is all that novel.  We mostly suspect that it's all just part of the current zeitgeist among the critical thinking set.  So, hats off to you Daily Show writers for bringing us 21 minutes of joy four nights a week.  You may be aware of our ambivalence toward the President, so we can't wait for Jon Stewart, and Co. to take aim at the Dems next week.

Posting will be light this week, so enjoy the DNC coverage.  We'll be back later in the week with a wrap up.

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