August 29, 2012

Why There Isn't a Party for Most of Us, Part 2; or The Dance of the Elephants

As you know from this post we have no particular love for the Democratic Party, despite the fact that the Pew Center for Research considers us "Solid Liberals".  Some may conclude, by process of elimination, that we would naturally have to be Republican voters in that case.  Well, they'd be wrong, because the only American political party that we dislike more than the Dems is the Republicans.

Why, you might ask?

It's not because they have become a bunch of liars who don't care a lick about facts, as Charles Pierce of Esquire so clearly points out.  It's not that they have decided to turn their back on the legacy of Abraham Lincoln and shun and/or disenfranchise every minority group possible to carry out this year's version of the "Southern Strategy".  It's not that they have decided to eschew intelligence and knowledge to pander to their uneducated base.  (No wonder they hate teachers.)  It's not that they continue to cough up retreads of the most disastrous economic policies in history.  It's not that they have jacked up the National Debt more than Dems, then hypocritically crying about the size of the National Debt.  It's not their obvious and blatant hypocrisy, in general.  It's not their insistence on telling women what is best for their bodies.  [By the way this tweet from Stephen Colbert explains why Michael Steele chose Tampa for the RNC: it's the strip clubs. -ed.]  It's not that they have concentrated into a cabal of Cruel Old White Men.

It's that they don't even try to pretend to be ashamed of that long list of indictments.

As a result they have become a bunch of mean-spirited ideologues wedded to some out-dated sense of what-A'merca-stands-for.  As a result they are now the party of non-educated white men, according to all the polls.  As a result, they are petrified by the realization that their will many more people born who aren't them in the coming decades.  As a result they have started to believe the great big lies they have been telling us.  [e.g. Chris Christie claiming that his father "Built It", despite the fact that he parlayed an armed forces stint to a GI Bill financed state college degree.  All of those are provided by the government. Or, just the fact that they have the temerity to plaster that silly slogan all over the publicly finance sports arena that they currently occupy. -ed.]

As a result, they are making a foolish run to the extreme right, in a short term effort to win votes, that will ultimately isolate them in obscurity.  From where we sit, we think that the Republicans deserve the Tea-Baggers.  After-all they are just the folks that actually believe the rhetoric that the old Republican Party would shout, then ignore.

To put a nice bow on it, think of the Dems as your mother: telling you to eat your broccoli because it's good for you, begging you to eat your broccoli, then bribing you to do so.  Now think of the R's as your alcoholic, swearing, Bible-thumping, adulterous, abusive father who won't let you have the keys to the car Saturday night because you didn't earn it.

At least mom has your personal well-being in mind.

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