August 2, 2012

A Tempest in a Deep Fryer, or Don't Fall for Misdirection

I was trying to just let the noise fade into the background, when this nonsense invaded my personal space at work where I do my deepest thinking about anything other than sad, bigoted old white men...

 ...maybe you, dear reader, are somehow expecting me to wade into the maelstrom that has exploded over the comments of a grease-pusher.  Not gonna do it.

Of course, I could point out that we shouldn't be surprised that there are still, to this day, people that hold hateful, discriminatory ideas about groups of people that they have never met in the name of one religion or another.  Or, I could point out that the histrionics, righteous indignation, and the let's-freak-out-the-squares stunts being pulled by the aggrieved parties are not going to change anyone's minds.  I could even make an appeal to people's sense of good citizenship and scold everyone for not following the Golden Rule.  Something like, "Please refrain from saying unkind things about others, especially those who don't affect you in the least and are just trying to be treated like everyone else."  It'd be just wasted bandwidth.

You see, this is all just a carefully orchestrated stunt to distract us from something else.  Falling for political sleight-of-hand is something we too often fail to avoid.  And apparently, going on cable news and saying monstrously bigoted things is good for business.  Something about all publicity being good publicity.  I won't further that cause.  Not gonna do it.

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