August 7, 2012

Pic = 1000 wds., or A Cultural/Political Rorschach Test

Since there is still a bit of an Olympic mood wafting about the offices of DI from yesterday's post, let's look at another side of the games: the inevitable juxtaposition of different cultures, politics, and gender roles among the participating nations.  I found a really awesome photo on the Boston Globe's Big Picture blog, that perfectly captures this juxtaposition in a single frame.  This image can be a wonderful mirror to hold up to other people to get a glimpse of their worldview.

So, here's a fun game you can play with your friends and acquaintances.  First, show them the image below, then wait for a reaction.  I'm willing to bet you will get a host of responses that tell you a lot about the cultural and political biases of the observer.  What do you see in this image?  Hit the comments with your reactions if you would like to stir the pot.

Clash of cultures?  An inspiring image of unity? Sexism?  This image is fraught with symbolism.
(source: David Gray/Reuters)

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