August 10, 2012

Friday, Friday (non-Jessica Black Edition); or Weak In Review

It's Friday and we here at DI would like to take a quick time out from our usual duties* to say welcome to our newest readers.  [We feverishly pour over the daily traffic stats in the vain hope that we are actually building something like an audience.  Usually not. -ed.]  Some of you have found our little blog all the way from Macedonia, Romania, Pakistan, and even more exotic places like Canada.  Cheers to all of you. Feel free to use the comments to register your thoughts on our posting, but please be kind, thoughtful, and considerate of others.  The internets have feelings, too.

This is what our editor looks
like after proofing our posts
 So as to not give you, dear readers, a wholly content-free post here is a link to an interesting infographic from NPR discussing how the unique physics of particular sports select certain body traits for success.  We always thought that female gymnasts were getting smaller over the decades, but we chalked that up to them staying the same size whilst we grew.  Perspective is always tricky through the 2D idiot-box, but now that we have 3D broadcasts we can test that hypothesis.  (Is that enough content to count as a post yet, Mr. Editor?) [No. - ed.]

Ok, so apparently we need to fill more empty bandwidth today.  Here is the...

DI's "Weak" in Review, or a sorry attempt to pad this post's word count

This week on Distasteful Inelegance we:
And as an added bonus, here is the...

DI Crystal Ball of Forecasting, or yet more padding to this post

Next week we have some fun stuff planned for you, dear readers:
  • Probably some kind of Olympics wrap-up, or some other silly speculations
  • Link Hive! #7, scary edition
  • Not one quixotic post about politics, but...
  • ...Two quixotic posts about politics and the Presidential campaigns
Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are.  Ciao.

(Ok now?)  [I guess. -ed.]

*These include mostly lazily "analyzing" outdated news, trying unsuccessfully to sound snarky, failing to change the world, Quixotism, and generally droning on self-importantly.

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