August 21, 2012

Link Hive #7, or The Internet Is AllKindsOfScaryToo

After Link Hive #5 where we marveled at how awesome the internet is, there have been a spate of stories to remind us that the internet can be a rough and tumble kind of place, too.  This may surprise some, but we here at DI prefer an unregulated internet.  We directly benefit from the free and open internet, and we think any public or private limitations on the net imperil free speech and access to information,.  And as the Arab Spring has shown, those are two critical checks on governmental power.

Though that does mean a kind of Wild West notion of property rights as a result.  To wit:

Scared yet?

(Please keep using the internet, though.  It'd be lonely our here in cyberspace without you.  Just be careful whom you give your data to.)

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