August 23, 2012

End of the Road, or Paging Mr. Brady

With a seemingly endless supply of headlines of mass shootings this summer, one thing has become more and more evident: the control debate is over.  Every tragedy has seen a reiteration from both Democrats and Republicans that there will be no further action on limiting firearm ownership.  Writing in Esquire Magazine's  The Politics Blog Tom Junod points out that the consensus of policy makers, at the urging of the National Rifle Association, is not that we have too many guns, but too few.  This has largely come about by the Republican Party "ideological doubling down" on its all guns for all people mantra.

So, headlines like the ones we saw in response to the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting are just the beginning.  In fact, we have had the horrifying realization that we no longer feel anything other than resigned apathy with each successive mass shooting story we have read this summer.

What ever happened to Republican claims of being the party that values life?  Apparently, their protection of life ends once you are born.  What ever happened to the spine of the Democratic Party...oh, wait... never mind.  What, then, ever happened to James Brady?

Where have you gone James Brady?

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