August 3, 2012

Link Hive #5, or The Internet Is AllKindsOfAwesome

Just Science! links for today.  Don't worry they are awesome.

The Internet Map - This is one of the coolest projects that has ever tried to graphically display the entire internet.  (no, this little blog is too small to be rendered.  Not even the internet equivalent of the Hubble space telescope could resolve the tiny, quark-sized speck that this site represents.)

Japanese scientists have figured out how to get more energy out of entangled particles than is predicted by classical thermodynamics.  Take that!

More Japanese scientists, this time working for Panasonic, are working out clever ways to produce energy from atmospheric CO2.  Just like the plants do it.  Albert Gore just shed a solitary tear of joy.

Tailoring treatment to a cancer's unique genome is proving to be a powerful tool for oncologists.  I recently read a good book that touches on this technology.  That will have to be the next book review subject.

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